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Vision for this project

I'm Dave Martin.

Over the years I've been extremely blessed by the opportunities I've received in my career as a product designer. As I move on to a different chapter of my life, I feel a strong desire to record the things that I've learned over the years. My hope is that this will serve both as a resource for up and coming designers but also a reference guide for my future self.


Democratize design education


The guiding principles for this project are to be:


Anyone can become a designer
With commitment and practice I believe that ANYONE can become a product designer. Even you!

Everyone is welcome
Enrollment to this design school is open to anyone. This school is and always will be free.

Practical, not academic
I never went to design school. The focus of the courses that I will share will be much more around teaching practical skills than academic theory.

Avoid college debt
The system we have now where designers go thousands of dollars into debt before they can even start designing is antiquated. You don’t need a degree to become a designer.

Lessons that come to you
Eventually, I'd like to build out a way for you to add lessons to a queue and have your next lesson automatically emailed to you daily.

Translated to multiple languages
Eventually, I'd love to see these resources translated to as many languages as possible.

Strong community
Eventually, I'd like to build a community around this project, helping aspiring product designers connect and suppport each other.

Collaborative effort
I invite any designer who has seen similar blessings in their design career to give back to the next generation of designers by collaborating with me on this project. If you'd like to get involved, simply click the "Edit" button on any lesson.

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